Find your beauty solution through our balanced face treatments, deriving from our unique marriage of modern research and tradition, always inspired by nature.

Summer face
Express, hydrated and effective.
duration: 25 min. price: €29
Aegean Deep
A treatment for both ladies and gentlemen. Indulge yourself with a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and steaming. Followed by a smooth mask to leave your skin revitalized and clean.
duration: 70 min. price: €65
Mastic Deep Hydration
A combination of mastic, wine, natural herbs and vitamins. The result, a deep hydrated, nourished and bright skin. Including facial massage.
duration: 50 min. price: €50
Balance and Regeneration
A soothing and rebalancing treatment. Suitable for stressed and sensitive acne skin. Including facial massage.
duration: 50 min. price: €49
Olive oil face
A treatment based on the unique beneficial properties of Greek olive oil and green clay. The olive oil nourishes and reconstructs the skin while green clay restores cell function. The skin is left refreshed and nourished with a healthy glow. Including facial massage.
duration: 50 min. price: €55
Euphoria Lifting
A luxurious facial treatment, ideal for mature and dry skin. It promotes cellular renewal, while a firming mask will detoxify the skin for absolute radiance. Including facial massage.
duration: 50 min. price: €59
Mediterranean Eyes Therapy
Designed to diminish fine lines and fade away dark circles. Also suitable for tired eyes due to its deep hydration properties.
duration: 25 min. price: €19
After sun Treatment
Relief and hydrate your skin after sun exposure with avocado and aloe vera after sun cream mask. Both have significant and healing properties so they can smooth sunburn, regenerate and moisturise the skin.
duration: 55 min. price: €40