Beautify your body with the refreshing benefits of nature. Relaxing and firming body treatments that rejuvenate the mind and body….. Try something purely and completely unique – we promise you will be amazed.

Express body scrub
Prepare your skin before sun exposure by removing dead cells.
duration: 25 min. price: €30
Olive oil spa day (2=1)
This two-step treatment starts with an olive oil seed body scrub that leaves your skin silky and smooth and follows a relaxing olive massage for your back and legs!
duration: 55 min. price: €55
Euphoria Lifting
This treatment starts with a gentle body exfoliation, followed by firming mask wrap and ending with a special lifting body lotion applied to the entire body for magnifying the firming effects.
duration: 55 min. price: €65
Slimming algae wrap
This special body mask with seaweed extracts activates lipolysis and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It detoxifies and tones the skin. For better results repeated sessions are recommended.
duration: 55 min. price: €65
Olive deep hydration
Enjoy the fresh sensation of this unique deep hydration body treatment, which starts with deep peeling, continues with hydrating mask and finishes with olive body oil.
duration: 55 min. price: €65
After sun Treatment
Relief and hydrate your skin after sun exposure with avocado and aloe vera after sun cream mask .Both have significant and healing properties so they can smooth sunburn, regenerate and moisturise the skin.
duration: 55 min. price: €45